“Meskonsing” Poem in Amethyst Review

Here‘s a new poem of mine that’s near and dear to my heart. I wrote it about a trip to Man Mound in Sauk County, Wisconsin. Man Mound is the only remaining anthropomorphic effigy mound in North America, and it is tremendous and numinous and beautiful. And the Sauk County Historical Society has been preserving it for over a hundred years.

If you like, you can help preserve the mound and contribute to educational materials at the site etc. here. And if you read the poem, stick around and look at some of the others the Review has been putting out lately; they’re free and great.

If you’re interested in a bit more about the mounds, you can read my short essay on them here.

Thanks Amethyst Review and Sauk County Historical Society!

*Photo of Man Mound by Ethan Brodsky, courtesy of Sauk County Historical Society.

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