Though my research specialties are medieval poetry and monastic culture, I teach as a generalist and take great delight in doing so. From Cicero to James Joyce, from The Dream of the Rood to David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, from first-year composition to History of the English Language, I am thoroughly committed to opening up texts, language, visual art, and films with my students from a variety of hermeneutic perspectives. Below is a list of courses I have taught and am slated to teach in the upcoming academic year.

“Honors First Year Seminar: Humans and Other Natural Phenomena,” Marquette University

“Critical Practices and Processes in Literary Studies,” Marquette University

“Epic,” Marquette University

“Honors First Year Seminar: Humans and the Natural World,” Marquette University

“Honors First Year Seminar: Claiming our Attention,” Marquette University

“Honors First Year Seminar: Memory and Forgetting,” Marquette University

“Foundations in Rhetoric,” Marquette University

Medieval Women Mystics and Visionaries in Context,” Marquette University 

“Honors English: Growing up (or not) in the Novel,” Marquette University

“Epic and the English Tradition,” Marquette University

“First Year English: Rhetoric and Composition 2,” Marquette University

“History of the English Language,” Marquette University

“Honors English: Monstrosity,” Marquette University

“Medieval Literature and Chaucer: Chaucer and Social Disorder,” Marquette University

“Dreams, Visions, Western Culture,” Marquette University

“Strange Likeness: (Using) the Anglo-Saxon Past,” Marquette University

“Telling Tales in Verse,” Marquette University

Beowulf: Old and New,” University of Notre Dame

“First Year Composition,” University of Notre Dame