sna poems, series supplementum #36: brady’s rocks

brady’s rocks is a dolostone outcropping of the niagra escarpment in waukesha cty’s southern unit kettle moraine state forest. the ice age trail cuts right thru this delightful small maze where an irish immigrant (the eponymous brady) once quarried stone in the mid-19th century. some rare plants and massive oaks.

it had been too long since we’d been out, and the kids called it for this site, as our last visit here had been heavily mosquito-infested a few summers ago. (to the point that we all literally ran thru the site and back out.) much nicer now in the march chill!

first id of walking fern, slender rockcress, and white avens!


liverwort and cranes


the mammals rejoice


ring round dolostone

the oak arms

reform the gray sky


on your limy perch

the tapered

leaves radiating

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