sna poems, #106: hortonville bog

hortonville bog is an open ericaceous bog in outagamie county. the southern portion has a wet-mesic forest, and i explored the wet edge of that area. not enough time to get up and thru to the actual sphagnum area of the bog, unfortunately.

we made a quick stop here on the way back from visiting my great-great-great grandfather’s grave near here. (his name was gaudenz ruosch and he was the first ruosch in my family tree to leave switzerland for wisconsin.) it was a beautiful trip altogether, on a brisk and windy november morning.


november breezes

over grass

lichen clutching bark


dark water tracks


ericaceous growth


golden plume of larch

and bird song

near grandfather bones


flark growth

dark mirror

earth eye

photo credit to dad ^

if you made it this far: i was really taken back by the texture and color contrast b/t the berries and dolostone here. wisconsin fall.

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