sna poems #77: allen creek wetlands

allen creek wetlands is a small wetland complex of wet sedge meadow, wet prairie, and fen along allen creek, which flows into the rock river a bit south of the site. access is limited, but we were able to have some fun interaction at the wetland’s edge. a lovely stand of marsh marigolds said ‘hi’ from the ditch on the other side of star school road.


the ripe smell

of ropey gametophytes—

kids on the moss


the deeps of life

duckweed, branch

marsh marigold in sun

sna poems #72: rhine center bog

rhine center bog is a bog lake formed within a kettle, the depression left by a melting block of buried glacial ice. tamaracks to the south, a mesic hardwood forest on the uplands, and dense, boggy ground all about.

my trip was punctuated by light submersion in the peat (with appropriate footwear) and by the leavings of animal and bird corpses—the latter a poignant reminder of the aspect of nature walks we don’t often like to think about. and caution: a few pictures of the remains (not too graphic) appear after the final three-liner.

(note again: still on the excursion with the flip-phone, so photos aren’t all that clear.)


the bog exhales with each step

under marsh wren’s tone-spray,

here where piling tussocks reign


skunk cabbage

deer scat:

sphagnum perch


yellow birch conspired with moss,

offered an island for human bones—

no names for birds all around


fungus and tooth

would make quick work

if i fell and didn’t get up