sna poems, series anthropocenum #21: treinen farm

treinen farm is a third-generation 200-acre farm outside lodi, wisconsin in columbia cty. since 2001 they’ve been building up a corn maze and all-around festive fall deal that is seriously impressive. all the riyeffs have been meeting up there once a fall going on 8 or 9 yrs now. the hills all around the area are just gorgeous, and the valleys are rich.

they have a bluff flanking the back of all the lower farm area, and we finally took the chance to climb up. not disappointed—oaks and bolted forbs in the moderate driving wind as the sun began to set behind the hills across the valley. this is fall in wisconsin, folks.


we lay on compressed

seabed sand

above the valley


goldenrod rustles

in repsonse

to oaks against blue

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