sna poems, series anthropocenum #19 (late entry): bender park

bender park is an apparently fairly developed and now returning to a rewilded state piece of land on lake michigan in oak creek. it abuts the oak creek power plant and there are some precipitous drops down to the lake.

this was a “let’s not go to work just yet” walk from last december. but i lost the pomes i had written shortly thereafter, so i bagged this entry. this morning i went to open up a book i hadn’t looked at since last december and—what do you know—there were the pomes tucked inside marking my page from late last year. so, i thought i’d pull the photos back up and give bender park its due. here we go.


siren call across

the prairie

the asci don’t mind


curls and curves of drift

these grey skies—

grass’s heavy scent


in the juniper,

sparrow call:

thousand-year moments

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