sna poems, series supplementum # 29: honey creek preserve

[delayed post:]

with its legal preservation going back to the 1940s and 50s among wisconsin society for ornithology members and friends, the honey creek preserve has ballooned with partnership with the nature conservancy to multiple parcels including bog, marsh, dry prairie, sedge meadow, pine relicts, swamp, and sandstone gorge on almost 400 acres. all along honey creek’s valley.

this is the second patch of the preserve i’ve explored, and i can’t wait to get back to explore more. this was a short and steep hike along the sandstone cliffs with unreal thorn thickets. close and dense and hot and humid. the baraboo hills just can’t be beat.

first id of feral catnip too.


light thru oak and elm

the locals

are not pleased with me


over the sheer edge


stretches out for sun


past the touch-me-nots

curling thorns

net and weave hillside

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