sna poems, series anthropocenum #14: milwaukee riverwalk at humboldt ave and riverboat rd

the milwaukee riverwalk goes from the former site of the north ave dam thru downtown and all the way out to where the river meets lake michigan. up by my area near the dam, just east of humboldt ave. bridge the fancy walk ends and it turns into a rougher path, which i happen to like a lot.

i had a bad headache a couple days ago that floored me for the morning, but in the afternoon i staggered out to clear the humors with a brisk walk in a cold, blustery, rainy milwaukee. headed down to my favorite spot between a couple white spruces right on the water to sit and watch the river flow past and on to the lake. some flowers were still putting their hearts into it, lichen and moss as well.

special thanks to the wisconsin dnr for helping me identify the white spruces!


the sparrows’ color

wing perfect

flash from forb to forb


a tattered oak leaf

floats downstream

rain, splash, & river


spruces looking down:

mud anchors

mottled fin and spine

no trash please.

no basura.

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