sna poems #89: parfrey’s glen (first sna created!)

parfrey’s glen is a sandstone conglomerate gorge thru which runs the appropriately named parfrey’s glen creek. located on the south flank of the baraboo hills, a precambrian monadnock ring in southcentral wisconsin and one of my favorite places on earth. the glen, due to the cavernous shade and seeps of the walls, supports plant species usually found more northerly in wisconsin, as well as rare plant and insect species.

the end of the formerly well-groomed trail was destroyed by a flood several years back, but the sure-footed are still permitted to press on up the stream to a small waterfall and pool. the enveloping of stone and water is something else.

parfrey’s glen was also the first designated state natural area in wisconsin, so it felt even more relevant visiting this time, as this project has drawn on over the last year+. my first spottings of solomon’s seal, false solomon’s seal, and goat’s beard in the field to boot!


grasshopper spray


new forb friends

goat’s beard


we haven’t

enough words

for water

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