sna poems #80: waterloo quartzite outcrops

waterloo quartzite outcrops is a pair of sites with precambrian red quartzite and paleozoic conglomerate rock outcroppings. the northern site i visited is a clay loam island amidst wetlands along the crawfish river. the quatzite was apparently a manadnock (bare exposed rock uncovered by erosion) in the precambrian. this was my first visit in dodge county for this project, and a beautiful, foggy morning.

first i climbed the rise and saw my first mayapple blooming and a nice oak wood. on my way back to the river and amidst canada anemone, wild geranium, and virginia waterleaf stands, i came upon some of the outcroppings in secluded clearings. fabulous.

i caught sight of the first outcrop after spotting some stately mushrooms. i like when that happens. 🙂


traces of stone

under crane flight

geraniums in bloom


mayapple’s first blossom

high on the ridge where stock

and stone bide together


not mine to know

who’s splashing away

down in the hollow


a slow and mossy eruption

of brecciated quartz

smothered by soil and time

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