sna poems #68: lulu lake

lulu lake is almost 1,200 acres of preserve in the southern kettle moraine, with a kettle lake fed by the mukwonago river and nestled in the lowlands of glacial desposits, fenlands, sedge meadow, shrub carr, and a bog, and with oak openings and prairie in the uplands. rare fish, mussels, and plants are protected here, though that was difficult to see in this early stage of the spring thaw. but we did see evidence of the non-native plant removal that is helping keep the oak openings thriving. the diversity of this area deserves another visit when warmer weather has arrived for sure.

thanks to the wisconsin chapter of the nature conservancy and the wisconsin dnr for tending this land too!


wetlands are stirring

under the sun

the thicket stays still


white on the lake

a gash in moraine

my son and i watch

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