sna poems #67: pickerel lake fen

pickerel lake fen is, well, a lake and a fen. the calcareous fen is large, seeping out of a glacial ridge, and is one of the most biologically diverse fens in s.e. wisconsin. the lake is still frozen but the edge is thawing to reveal all sorts of small life if the eye will rest long enough to see. the uplands are turning back to prairie after being farmed, and good tall oaks in their openings dot the fen-edge. several plants are protected here.

thanks to the wisconsin chapter of the nature conservancy for tending this land.


sun and earth-tilt

discover the fen’s

living heart


eagle white on blue sky

as geese browse prairie

heady blend of gravel and oak


the lake shore muck

an invertebrate paradise

and we share them for a moment


miniature crevasse,

ablation in miniature—

harmless wintertime

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