New Swami Abhishiktananda Audio for St. Benedict’s Day

A happy St. Benedict’s day to all!

On this big feast for Benedictine and Cistercian monastics and their oblates and associates, I thought I’d post some new audio of Benedictine poetry I’ve translated or edited over the last few years.

Today’s first installment: a short poem from Swami Abhishiktananda (aka Dom Henri Le Saux, OSB; 1910-1973). “OM Wholly Burnt” is a dense little poem with lots of pathos included in a letter to Swamiji’s disciple, Swami Ajatananda (Marc Chaduc) written toward the end of his life.

Here’s the audio:

2 thoughts on “New Swami Abhishiktananda Audio for St. Benedict’s Day

  1. What a poem! Thank you Jacob. Is the letter containing it available somewhere? I hope yr managing ok in these strange days Best wishes Will PS I re-watched the Panikkar and Murray Rogers interviews on Abhishektananda (youyube) – what remarkable and unusual human documents…of the man, of friendship, of elderly wisdom … Panikkars subtle insights and Murray’s humility and candour…such love …

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    • hi will–thanks for listening, and sorry for taking awhile to get back to you. yes, those interviews are great, and all were exceptional people. as for the letter, as far as i recall the full letter isn’t available anywhere. there is a book, _swami abhishiktananda: his life told through his letters_ edited by stewart, that has a bunch of his letters, but it’s not the full correspondence. i don’t think the letter is in that collection at all, but maybe–i’ve got it back at my office but with the shutdown i haven’t gotten back in awhile and won’t be going in for some time still. i’ve heard rumblings that the ajatananda ashram in rishikesh is hoping to publish more of swami ajatananda’s materials, so maybe more will come out soon??? let’s hope! be well!

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