sna poems #84: faville prairie

one of the largest low prairie remnants in wisconsin, faville prairie was once a part of the 2,500-acre crawfish prairie. shifted hydrology in the area has led to drier conditions in part with more woody species, and a wetter sedge area.

this was one of the sites whose preservation aldo leopold fought for, and it became a sna in 1952. it was a terrific stop, with several first-time id’s of forbs for me. thanks to the uw-madison arboretum for allowing me to walk this land, as visits are restricted.


deer break/

wing blur/

there: spiderwort


a southwind trembles the prairie

swirls of whorled lousewort

and clutches of hoary puccoon


cranes and spotted frogs

phlox and shooting star,

all give a nod to aldo

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