sna poems, supplementum #19: cudahy woods

anyone who’s kept up here will know cudahy woods a bit already, but suffice to say: cudahy woods is a 40-acre parcel of land in milwaukee county that somehow escaped the axe and plow. it’s a beech-maple forest with an unnamed stream running thru, and airplanes skirting by nigh-constantly from mitchell int’l airport.

it’s also where i first started this project and started learning about spring ephemerals, so it has a special place in my heart. so this is kind of an “anniversary post,” and i already found two new flowers i hadn’t identified last spring!


purslane swell delicate

amid a sea of trout

the forest floor vibrant

springbeauty (purslane family)

trout lily sea



glory of snow

trouts about to burst


monks’ stiff hoods in the muck

down from cowslip grove

chart stream bed’s shimmer

skunk cabbage

marsh marigold/cowslip

a stream with no name

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