sna poems, supplementum #18: 7 bridges trail in grant park

the seven bridges trail in grant park in south milwaukee winds thru woods and ravines leading down to a stone-strewn beach on lake michigan. the first spring ephemerals are showing their blooms now, though they weren’t open yet. a very wet and grey day, perfect for spring woods and water. new life!

bonus: i learned on this trip that “lannon stone” is a kind of dolomite limestone quarried from the 1830s in lannon, wisconsin in waukesha county (featured under the tiny succulents and moss in the photo above). i grew up around the block from “the lannon stone motel” in janesville, and my dad lived there for a bit when he first moved to wisconsin from new york. i had never even wondered what the motel’s name meant—familiarity breeds a lack of curiosity, i suppose. that little spot on racine st. in janesville feels richer in my mind today.


snowdrops rejoice in leaf-litter,

grey air damp and draping

the scape’s pendulous gift


lannon stone penthouse bulbs

showering bare soil

with scilla bells nodding

mallards happy as clams—mama just plunked down for a nap on her logperch. lake michigan in background.

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