sna poems, supplementum #16: kettle moraine state forest, lapham peak unit

lapham peak is a unit of the kettle moraine state forest in south eastern wisconsin. this unit of the heavily glaciated forest is named after wisconsin’s first serious naturalist and scientist, increase a. lapham, and contains the highest point in waukesha county.

anyway, it was about -4 F when i arrived for a ski this morning, with the usual blessings of early-morning skiing in sub-zero temperatures: eyelids freezing to one another, toes that go numb if you stop for more than a minute or two, biting cold on the skin during downhill runs. the kind of stuff that a certain kind of cross-country skier actually thinks is kind of fun. my only regret is that i had trimmed back my full beard a week ago; i would have had an amazing ice-beard by the end had i kept it until today. oh well.


the poles’ tuck into snow

sounds like sandhill cranes

calling aloft for their mates


so cold the pen’s ink rebels

as deer make hungry way by windfall

we’re all here, breathing at dawn


these hills like waves

in a choppy sea

frozen in time

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