s.n.a. poems #61: bean lake

bean lake is a seepage lake with a peat bottom. it’s surrounded by tamarack and shrub swamp. the lake usually supports yellow pond-lilies with bulrushes, cattails, and sedges on the edges, none of which were lively at this time of year. the wind, however, was lively, blowing thru the oak and hickory uplands (it was encouraging to see this native complex in the wooded area even if the trees were thicker on the ground than i assume was original), and down thru the tamaracks by the shore. i tried to get a good shot of a tamarack cone, but it just wouldn’t focus close up; oh well.

thanks to the wisconsin dnr for maintaining this patch of earth.


down mud lake road

past the carrion birds

seeking peace


oaks rattle on the knob

and the wind bites bare flesh

winter morning in the swamp


we stand on upland crest

among thorn and hickory

tamaracks sport below

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