state natural area poems #54: kamrath creek forest and fen

kamrath creek forest and fen is a tremendously kinetic set of natural communities to visit in the winter. while most areas now are quiet and still, here water seeps from springs and down spring runs into kamrath creek from forested slope and thru sloped fen, sometimes meandering from several seepages at once and with arms of the creek creating near-islands as the water rushes to get down the incline. can’t wait to get back in the spring. oh—and the yellow birches, my goodness!

thanks to the wisconsin dnr for tending this patch of earth.


ice globules adorn the seeps

along a well-worn trail, as water

bursts forth in winter’s deep


upstream to headwaters,

the beeches begin

hello to old friends


this is the place where waters flow

and reveal northern stone to the eye

where green endures thru the year


a spray of beech leaves

above the snow:

freedom for the mind

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