state natural area poems #36: ottawa lake fen a, b, & c


one step and in the seep

adrift in mud and water

inlets feeding the wet maw


hooves down the mudbank

lone cardinal off and away

fittingly, we finish in a fen


open autumn sky

over lakefen calm

waters running on

ottawa lake fen has two lakes joined by marsh and marl flats. the lakes are remnants of a glacial lake at the edge of end moraine deposits. a wide variety of wildlife—pitcher plants, gentians, snails, clams, shrub-carr, spike rushes, et al.—mostly quiet now though. there are green herons here, though unfortunately they’ve already departed for the year. maybe in the spring. tall and lanky thornbushes spilled down the path out to the lake, which made for exciting and delicate walking.

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