state natural area poems #27: huiras lake a, b, c, & d

sun on swamp texture

grass curve, trunk strength

wet earth medicine

thank you

for all

the water

this is the people’s land

we also belong to it

though often blind our eyes

infection numbers rise

lake and swamp and woods

sculpting the heart’s till

huiras lake state natural area is a variety of habitats: dry mesic forest, relict kettle bog, conifer and hardwood swamp, hardwater seepage lake, shrub-carr, and tamarack-white cedar swamp, and a stretch of open grassland to boot. we found these burrows on the rise going back to the parking area. they were bigger than they look in the photo.

i keep finding that the kind of wetland i end up in has to be the best kind of wetland. when i was in bog country mid last week, bogs were where it was at. but then when i stumbled on a micro-marsh on saturday, it couldn’t get any better. and when we entered the tree cover of the huiras lake sna conifer-hard wood swamp, i knew swamps are the best. but now i remember how alive i felt at the fen we visited last month… i suppose they each have their particular charm!

thanks to the ozaukee cty land trust and wdnr for tending this land!

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