Thanks to all retreatants of New Camaldoli this weekend!

I just finished co-leading a retreat on bringing insights from the Upanishads to bear on Christian contemplation with Fr. Cyprian Consiglio “at” New Camaldoli Hermitage. Our first attempt at a Zoom retreat–a few tech snags, but such a delightful and invigorating experience.

Thanks to Fr. Cyprian, the Hermitage and its staff, and everyone who participated–I appreciate your time and sharing with all of us in ways I can’t say. Stay in touch and press on!


2 thoughts on “Thanks to all retreatants of New Camaldoli this weekend!

  1. Jacob I want to thank cyprian and yourself for a nourishing and heartening weekend. In particular thank you for the gracious and warm way in which you hosted the event and shared yr thoughts, knowledge and experience. I greatly value having some sense of community with others who move deeply in other traditions as well as catholicism, and who appreciate abhishektananda, bede etc. Joining the last session in the dark and cold at 2am from here in australia was novel!
    And by the way, my question regarding the possible anachronism of our caution around syncretism held no implied criticism of you or cyprian … Just wondering and trying to discern.
    Thanks so much and I wish you well!
    – Will

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