sna poems, #120: muir park

muir park is a mix of upland and wetland habitats surrounding ennis lake (a spring-fed kettle lake), where john muir made his boyhood home in central wisconsin. fen and bog, oak opening and dry forest etc. a wide variety of species.

it was a real hot day, so we didn’t make it too far what with the kiddos along. but we had a nice hang at the lake, a short walk, and a good view of the very sandy soil—marquette county is located in wisconsin’s central sand hills ecological landscape, a remnant of the sandy bottom of glacial lake wisconsin. worth another visit in cooler weather for sure.

first id of hoary alyssum!


down fox river road

to muir’s home

and lilies like fire

mammal burrow in millenia-old glacial lake wisconsin lake bottom


hot in summer winds:

oaks growing,

nodding thimbleweed