New essay in Benedictine magazine

I’ll be posting some more audio files soon, but for the moment, I just wanted to announce here that the Benedictine magazine Spirit & Life has published a short essay of mine on the intersection of my life with Swami Abhishiktananda via Osage Monastery in Sand Springs, OK. The essay is (appropriately enough) “Swami Abhishiktananda, Osage Monastery, and Me.”

Osage Monastery is where I became a Benedictine oblate, especially due to its being a center for interreligious dialogue and to its community’s commitment to profound silence and contemplation under the stewardship of Sr. Pascaline Coff, OSB. The monastery became a lay interspiritual retreat center several years ago, and so the oblates are part of “Osage Deanery” now, affiliated with the congregation‘s motherhouse in Clyde, MO.

Similar essays will be appearing in New Camaldoli‘s newsletter and the Golden String Newsletter.

What This Blog Will Be About

Since I wanted just to dive into writing a couple weeks ago, I neglected to give any notice of what readers might expect from this blog. I haven’t determined any strict parameters, but, basically, I will be posting short pieces that highlight things I find important or curious about my primary interests as well as readings of my own work and other work I want to share.

From my teens I have found literature (especially poetry) and the world’s religious traditions (especially their contemplative traditions) most fascinating. My schooling, my translating, my own verse, my scholarship, all  revolve more or less in these orbits, and so that’s what I’ll be posting about.

To be more precise, this blog will feature contextual material for understanding Old English and Middle English poetry, my own translations of medieval verse and other material, information on medieval and modern western monasticism and contemplative traditions, and audio samples of my own work and other materials as they seem relevant.

To sum up: it’s going to be eclectic (which is a nice way of saying, “a pretty mixed bag”).